Registration Eligibility


Degree Candidates

Registration appointments are determined by completed earned hours, current class units are not calculated. Appointments can be viewed through your student dashboard.

Prior to registration, all students are required to meet with their advisor. Advising holds can only be lifted by the advisor. Contact Academic Advising, Retention, and Completion (AARC) at 410-704-2472.

Students who previously attended Towson University and did not register for the following fall/spring semester will need to complete an application for reenrollment.

Non-Degree Candidates

Registration requirements vary for students in the following programs. Please contact University Admissions with questions at 410-704-2113.


Students must be applying to, continuing a graduate program or be a non-degree graduate student. New degree and non-degree students who wish to take courses must submit a Graduate Application to the University Admissions Office. Please contact University Admissions with questions at 410-704-2113.

Registration for 700- or 800-level courses is restricted to students who have been admitted to one of TU's graduate programs.

Some courses at the 500 and 600 level are open to graduate students. Non-degree students who have already earned a master's degree (post baccalaureate) may be eligible for 700-level courses and should seek written permission from the appropriate academic department.

500- through 800-level courses may not be taken under pass option.

If you have a master's or other advanced degree from an accredited college, you may take any level course. Official transcripts must be submitted to TU before registering for a 700-level course.

Students who have officially left their program, been dismissed or want to change graduate programs need to contact University Admissions at 410-704-2113.

Degree-seeking students unable to register as a result of a lapse in enrollment (missing a fall or spring term) must complete the Graduate Reenrollment Form. Contact the Registrar's Office/Reenrollment with questions at 410-704-2007.