Off-Campus Locations

Education at Towson University is not limited to course offerings on the main campus. The TU educational experience branches out to off-campus locations throughout Maryland.

TU in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE)

TU in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE) offers transfer students the flexibility to pursue a four-year degree after they complete an associate's degree at a community college. The new, state-of-the-art facility is located on the grounds of Harford Community College.

Courses at Regional Higher Education Centers in Maryland

The Towson Learning Network coordinates programs in Regional Higher Education Centers in Maryland. Most courses are open to the general public and enrollment is open to eligible students. Students who register in these courses pay regular tuition and reduced fees.  Programs at the Regional Higher Education Centers are available to school system employees through a contractual agreement with Towson University.

Off-Campus Programs for Maryland School System Employees

The Towson Learning Network partners with many local school systems to provide programs for school system employees at convenient, off-campus locations. These cohort programs are available at reduced tuition rates and are open to eligible school system employees in active service.