Alumni Relations

The purpose of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association is to champion lifelong, supportive partnerships among Towson University and its alumni through meaningful opportunities to increase engagement, advancement, awareness, pride and philanthropic commitment. We are a non-dues paying organization offering alumni a variety of ways to stay connected to their alma mater and fellow Tigers.


The Alumni Association membership consists of all graduates of Towson University, Towson State University, Towson State College, State Teachers College at Towson, the Maryland State Normal School and the Baltimore Teachers Training School. Non-degree members are defined as any student who attended TU and earned at least 60 credits.

Tiger Connect
is TU鈥檚 new alumni community. It allows our 165,000+ alumni located around the world to stay connected, register for events, join Alumni Alliances and groups, read up on TU news, access additional benefits and services and give back to TU.

Alumni Alliances
An is a group of Towson University alumni who share common interests. An alliance can be based on interest, campus organization, geographical region, culture or shared identity. All Alumni Alliance events and membership are open to all graduates and non-degreed alumni of TU regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age or level of ableness. If you want to create an alliance that is not listed online, you can propose one.

Benefits & Services
We offer a wide range of including alumni ID cards, alumni exclusive events, discounts, access to Cook Library and campus recreation and volunteer and fundraising opportunities to help our alumni stay connected to TU on and off campus.

Scholarships & Grants
Our provide recognition and opportunity to alumni and even family of alumni who demonstrate the highest levels of academic and personal achievements.

Alumni Awards
Our are competitive programs that honor alumni who have attained notable personal achievements and continue to positively impact their profession, community or Towson University.


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Phone: 410-704-2234