Maryland Council on Economic Education

Teaching dollars and sense to Maryland's K-12 teachers and students

middle school students learning about finance in the T. Rowe Price finance Lab
MCEE hosts training and workshops on the stock market and the economy for both K-12 teachers and students in the college's T. Rowe Price Finance Lab.

About the Organization

The Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that enhances economic and financial literacy by providing teacher training, instructional materials, curriculum consultation and selected student programs to the state's K-12 schools.

Founded in 1953 and based at Towson University since 1961, MCEE is a trusted resource for high quality personal finance and economics instructional support that is aligned with the Maryland State Department of Education鈥檚 learning standards and local school system goals and curriculum.
MCEE鈥檚 mission aligns perfectly with TU鈥檚 philosophy of leadership for the public good and the College of Business and Economics鈥 (CBE) goal to partner with the community to create opportunities in and beyond the region. Every year, MCEE brings students, teachers, families, members of the business community and state leaders to the TU campus for workshops, competition events and their annual student awards program. MCEE coordinates school classroom field trips throughout the year to the College of Business and Economics鈥 Finance Lab, giving students a unique opportunity to engage in a hands-on lesson in finance, explore the state of the art lab, and experience life on a college campus. 
Towson University faculty often teach MCEE workshops, courses, and serve as judges for student competitions. CBE students participate in paid internships with MCEE in which they gain experience, academic credit, and connections with the business community. To learn more about MCEE, visit .

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