Sculpture Walk

A highlight of TU鈥檚 Public Art Collection is a distinguished collection of outdoor sculptures that were commissioned, donated or lent to the university by individual artists, alumni and students. Start at the Center for the Arts and enjoy our sculpture walk. 

Sculpture Map
Map designed by David Calkins '93, Studio Art MFA candidate.

Towson University鈥檚 public art program celebrates the creative work of our scholars, our exceptional community, and the university鈥檚 history, location, diversity, challenges and aspirations. Representing a broad range of styles and materials, each sculpture has a unique connection to TU. Many were constructed on campus in the Center for the Arts sculpture studios.

Start the sculpture walk inside the Center for the Arts lobby (Osler Drive entrance) and continue around the building to see the first 10 sculptures. Head across campus for the final two sculptures, located near the College of Liberal Arts building. The Public Art: Campus Sculpture Map (PDF) is available in print in department offices and by request from .

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1. West Light

Charles Ross, West Light, 1983. Acrylic and metal. TU Commission: Maryland State Arts Council with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Using sunlight and starlight as the source for his art, Ross creates large-scale prisms to project solar spectrum into architectural spaces. This piece, projecting a rainbow of light throughout the Center for the Arts grand hall, has become the focal point of the annual Department of Music concert, 鈥淧RISM: A Musical Collage," featuring musical works under theatrical lighting.


2. Untitled

Joe Cypressi 鈥12, Untitled, 2010. Cement over steel. This piece was installed for the Tri State Sculptors Conference 2010. Cypressi creates large-scale organic paper pulp sculptures that incorporate the human figure through both representations of actual body parts, as well as the implication of sheltering the body. Located on the west patio of the Center for the Arts.

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3. Black Beauty

Amalie Rothschild (1916-2001), Black Beauty. Bronze and aluminum. Rothschild was a painter, sculptor and printmaker who lived and worked in Baltimore and made enormous contributions to the cultural and artistic environment of the city and local area. She is best known as an abstract, geometric painter and sculptor. Located on the walkway in front of the Center for the Arts west entrance (Osler Drive).


4. Art Signs

Sarah Benas 鈥12, Harrison Doyle 鈥14, Nicholas Edwards 鈥13, David Perry 鈥14, Art Signs (American Sign Language), 2014. Steel. Funded by David Nevins 鈥76 and PNC Bank. This piece was dedicated at TU in 2014 by former TU President, Maravene Loeschke and designed by a deaf studies student, Sarah Benas '12, who incorporated sign language into the design of the sculpture. Located on the walkway in front of the Center for the Arts west entrance (Osler Drive).

5. Octavia I

John Dunn Ferguson (1969-2021), Octavia I. Cor-Ten steel. Gift of Steve Levin. Ferguson worked with materials as heavy as granite and steel, but managed to make them seem light, turning them into abstract forms. Located in the roundabout in Lot 3, adjacent to the Center for the Arts.

6. What Goes Around Comes Around

Greg Moring, What Goes Around Comes Around, 1989. Welded steel. Greg Moring, professor in 3D Studies at Youngstown State University, is coordinator of the sculpture program and is actively involved in developing public art projects for the Youngstown campus. His work is represented in public and private collections in the United States. Located on the east side of Lot 3.


7. Three Corners

Brian Wall, Three Corners, 1980. Welded steel. Wall is a British-born American sculptor. This piece was fabricated and constructed in the Center for the Arts sculpture studios and installed during the 1980 International Sculpture Conference at TU. His work consists mainly of abstract welded steel constructions. Located on the east side of Lot 3.

Reference sculpture

8. Reverence

Jessie Greenwell '17 and Sarah Weithoner '17, Reverence, 2017. Welded steel. Greenwell and Weithoner are the recipients of COFAC鈥檚 inaugural Student Sculpture Competition. They used square tubing and sheet metal shaped and positioned to represent their similar life journeys. Located on the east side of Lot 3.

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Apparition sculpture

9. Apparition

Justin Rosato 鈥21 and Michael Cunningham 鈥22, Apparition, 2019. Wood and metal. Rosato and Cunningham are the recipients of the 2019 Student Sculpture Competition, supported by Harold J. Kaplan fund via the TU Foundation. This collaborative sculpture is composed of metal and different species of wood from multiple regions of the world. Located near the Center for the Arts entrance (Cross Campus Drive).

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10. Ooh La La

Greg Moring, Ooh La la, 1988. Welded steel. Located near the Center for the Arts entrance (Cross Campus Drive).

Towson sculpture

11. Towson

Designed by Nicholas Edwards 鈥13, and built in collaboration with David Meyer 鈥14, Harrison Doyle 鈥14 and Dave Perry 鈥14, TOWSON, 2014. Powder coated steel. Located between Hawkins Hall and the College of Liberal Arts Building along the International Walkway, this 鈥減oint-of-view specific鈥 sculpture is made up of 15 individual parts.

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Untitled sculpture by Bob Jones

12. Untitled

Bob Jones, Untitled, circa 1990. Steel. Located between Smith Hall and the Lecture Hall. Jones had an interest in travel and mathematics and took sculpture courses at TU after his retirement.

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Studying Sculpture at Towson University

Nicholas David Edwards '13, winner of the Campus Sculpture Initiative

The sculpture concentration is offered by the Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education. Students who select this concentration, balance concept and process as they gain experience with figure modeling, carving, plaster and bronze casting, wood fabrication and lamination.

To learn more about the sculpture concentration or about the Student Sculpture Competition contact , Sculpture Area Coordinator.