Freshman Profile

Admission to Towson University is competitive. If you're wondering how your application will stack up, it might help to know a little bit about what we look for in a future Tiger.

2023 Freshman Class 

Total Application Pool:

Applications: 19,789
Admitted: 15,689
Submitted enrollment contract: 3,244
Applied test-optional: 84%

Select Academic Statistics for Admitted Students:

Average weighted GPA: 3.93
Middle-50% SAT score range: 1100-1310鈥傗傗傗傗
Middle-50% ACT composite score range: 23-29

Select Demographics of Enrolled Students:

Maryland resident: 90%
Non-Maryland resident: 10%, from 31 different states
Identify as a historically-underrepresented race or ethnicity: 63%
First-generation college student: 32%

What We Look For in Your Application

At Towson University, we use a holistic review process to determine freshman admission. The primary factors in our evaluation are based on high school courses, grades, and supplemental materials submitted with the application. We will evaluate the academic rigor in the context of the high school environment, extracurricular involvement, college application essay, and other information provided on a student鈥檚 application.  

High School Coursework and Context of GPA 

When reviewing your academic credentials, TU looks at a variety of factors including your cumulative GPA, the rigor of your courses, trends in your grade performance, and your high school鈥檚 profile. We only evaluate your academic performance within the context of your individual high school 鈥 we do not compare students who attend different schools.

For example, we examine what courses your high school offers in terms of academic challenge or whether your school weights its GPA scale.

The majority of our admitted students have demonstrated success in a comprehensive curriculum that prepares them for college-level coursework. 

Standardized Test Scores: the SAT or ACT

TU is permanently test-optional 鈥 we do not require SAT or ACT exam scores for either admission or for scholarship consideration. Test scores submitted will not negatively impact an application for admission. If you would like to discuss your academic record in more detail, please contact your Admissions Counselor.
*If you decide to submit test scores, they must be officially sent to Towson University from CollegeBoard or ACT and must be received by the Early Action or Regular Decision deadlines to guarantee consideration.

Common Application Essay

A component of the Common Application is the essay, where you get the opportunity to present an honest and thoughtful picture of yourself to admissions counselors. This is perhaps our favorite part of the review process: we get to learn more about you as a person based on your choice of essay topic, the writing skills you display, and how you connect your essay to your college plans and aspirations. The Common App essay topics are fairly broad, allowing you to think creatively about what you want us to know about you. Our advice to you is to be sure to edit and revise your essay multiple times to ensure you鈥檙e presenting your best writing abilities in this application.

Extracurricular Activities List

Outside of academics, we look to welcome Tigers who will contribute to TU鈥檚 community as a comprehensive residential university. To that end, we encourage you to make use of the Common Application鈥檚 Activities list, where you can describe how you spend your time outside of the classroom. This might mean school clubs, teams, or organizations; you may have a part-time job or volunteer; you may have family responsibilities to take care of, or different hobbies and interests to which you devote your time. All of these tell us more about how you鈥檒l add to the TU community. This section of the Common App is not required to complete your application.

Additional Information in the Common Application

The Common App provides a space for you to share additional information if you so choose. While not a place to write an additional essay, some students add some further context on their accomplishments, a challenging situation, or other information they want to provide to us. This section of the Common App is not required to complete your application.


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